Caring citizens

benadryl uk Social innovation is not ever the result of one person working all alone, for it is far too complex of a process, far too difficult to achieve in isolation. Neither is it only the work of experts and professionals attached to organizations, businesses, government ministries, media offices, etc.  Social innovation is also the hope and the task of caring citizens who want to work for change, not on behalf of a place where they work (or not only), but for themselves, their families, their friends, their neighbourhoods and cities, and this planet of ours.

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generate duphalac price Social innovation is a deeply interconnected process that affects and can be affected by us all. As the authors say in “Getting to Maybe”, (it) is not for heroes, saints or perfectionists….(but) for flawed people (and we are all flawed in one way or another) who are not happy with the ways things are and would like to make a difference – for ordinary people who want to make connections that create extraordinary outcomes.”

view publisher site аnalyze We hope that this site assists you in your own personal citizen’s journey to see the change our world urgently needs. You may want to begin at the beginning by exploring the Social Innovation stream.

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demonstrate May you find other people and initiatives that you can connect your energy to around these new ways of thinking and acting.

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